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Thank you !!

New Moon novel from

Yaayy finally I received New Moon novel from yesterday !. I was so happy when I opened the package and seeing that the novel came in good and lovely condition. Even until today I still can not believe that I was chosen as one of the winner blog writing competition. I had read other contestants blog review and I felt their reviews about was also good, some even wrote in better grammer than mine. But again, maybe the judges at had their own opinion about my review.

I think what I wrote about was not just a review to win the contest but it’s more about my experience using this online English – Indonesia – English dictionary  website for years. Experiences how this online dictionary had helped me much during my works  with my limited English vocabulary. I learned many new English words from this online dictionary and I know winning the contest or not I will keep using this reliable online dictionary, because where else I can find simple and complete dictionary other than ??

And oh one funny thing that I also like to share about the novel prize, so far I already had  3 of Twilight Saga novels  (Twilight, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn – all in Indonesian) but minus the “New Moon” novel. So somehow after winning this contest I got all my Twilight Saga collection complete now. This New Moon novel will be special novel in my collection, because it’s not  the only English novel from my Twilight Saga  collection but it’s from, my favorite online dictionary !. I am sure I will need while reading this English novel.

So again, thank you and we are waiting your new and creative features (such as grammar checking) as online dictionary website in the future !!


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