Welcome to the (new) sederet.com

Earlier this month when I start viewing my favorite dictionary website online www.sederet.com, somehow I feel bit surprise… Wow it has new look !! I’ve been using this online Indonesian – English dictionary for years and somehow with this new look I found out it is more “refreshing”. I mean after years with always the same look (same color), now finally this website comes in more interesting views.

Talking about this sederet.com. OK,  the first time I found out about this online dictionary was through Mr. Google. I was typing for “Kamus Indonesia – Inggris” and suddenly it showed this sederet.com on the first line. I remember that was during my  previous  job as a website admin in  one of computer online store company. As a website admin one of my main job was to write review/description about IT products aka gadgets that we sell.  Usually I  had to read the description on the product websites  first, which mostly in English before I wrote the review on my company website.  That was I found out how this online dictionary really helpful to me. Every time I found words in English which I did not understand the meaning, I just simply type in http://www.sederet.com and it will show the meaning of that words in seconds ! It’s more saving time and simple other than opening thick dictionary book.

Even until now, after I changed my job became a purchasing officer which one of my daily jobs is sending correspondent emails to our foreign suppliers/companies, this sederet.com still and really help me in a search of words meaning in Indonesia – English, English  – Indonesia which I don’t understand sometime. Not only that, as a net savvy who loves searching information or reading news online, I think I always need this sederet.com dictionary. I have to admit with my ability to write and read in English which maybe still far from excellent, I will always need  a complete and simple dictionary and so far I always can count on this sederet.com.   So no wonder if I put this website as one of my favorite website on my browser tool bars.

As one of this online dictionary users, of course I  hope with this new look sederet.com will not only improve the view its website but most important it could be one of the most complete Indonesia – English – Indonesia dictionary online. I am sure beside me, other users must be feeling really helpful with this online dictionary, because in this internet life which everything we can found online a simple, easy to access  and complete English dictionary is one what we need if we don’t want to get lost in this world wide web jungles. So, good job and thank you for my favorite website online www.sederet.com !!

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