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A New Start

This (almost) end of the year, I had decided to start blogging again. I had been on and off blogging for several reasons but mostly I always thought that I was not a person who had many stuffs to write in my blog.  But then again I think as a person who always believe that life is beautiful maybe there is always something we can share to other in our blog even though  it would be only brief of information. So, let’s enjoy this beautiful life and start blogging !


4 thoughts on “A New Start

  1. finally..
    congrats buat blognya..
    jangan pernah berhenti untuk menulis meski jari terpasung dalam hening..

    have a nice blogging.. ^^


  2. hi sis…
    thank bgt ya info jalan2 ke italia sangat bermanfaat sekali..
    ceritain juga dunk tentang ngurus2 visa+biayanya juga ya,,,

    1. Hi hi.. salam kenal, thank you juga kalo infonya ada yang bermanfaat 🙂 Iya ntar aku usahain untuk nulis pengalaman waktu membuat visa ke Italy. Btw apa mau ke Italy juga?

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